Gardening at the Library 


Seed Library - COMING SOON

“Borrow” seeds, plant them in your garden, save seeds at harvest, and bring them back to the library!                       

seed sprout

How it Works

  1. Visit the seed library.
  2. Browse our collection of seeds in the library and take what you need.  Please take no more than 5 bags to ensure everyone has an opportunity to share in the seed library.
  3. Fill out seed borrowing sheet.
  4. Grow your seeds.
  5. Collect seeds from your best-growing plants and return them to the seed library to share with the community for the next season!

Check out our catalog for books on how to begin your backyard garden!

Check out our Library of things for backyard tools to help you set up your backyard garden!

Propagation Station

Take or leave a starter plant.propagation

How it Works                                                                                                                                                  

If leaving a starter plant, use an existing jar, or bring your own.
  • Please label jar with the type of plant you are leaving to propagate. (labels provided)
If taking a starter plant.
  • You may take the jar if you like, but please be courteous to other patrons and the plants.
  • Paper towels will be provided if you wish to wrap your plant to carry home.


 Help beautify the Pelham Public Library

The Pelham Public Library offers community members the opportunity to adopt the two flowerpots that are outside of the library entrance during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

Adopt- A-Planter Program Details

  • The Flowerpots are adoptable May-November to Pelham residents or Organizations only.
  • The library has 2 28-inch round flowerpots that sit in front of the library entrance.                                                                        planter
  • Provided with the pots is soil, and access to a water spigot and watering can.
  • Application must be filled out entirely and approved before the adoptee can begin planting.
  • Once approved the adoptee will have been notified and given a time period to begin planting in each pot. Flowerpots will be prepared/ tended before the new adoptee period begins. Both pots must be maintained and tended throughout the duration of their adopted time.
  • Library staff will water the flowerpots during the weekdays they are open only, however they take no responsibility for the care or health of the plants. All other watering and maintenance are the responsibility of the adoptee.
  • Teens 14-18 who attend Pelham Schools can adopt the flowerpots for 10 hours of community service. Pots must be maintained and tended throughout the duration of their adopted time.
  • If flowerpots are not maintained the library has the right to notify you of your adoptee dismissal and select the next adoptee to take over responsibility.
  •  These are public planters with normal wear and tear, the library is not liable for any damage to the plants or allergic reactions anyone may have to any plants/planting.
  • The library has the right of refusal to any applicant.