Request 3D Printing


About The Printer

The Pelham Library has an Ultimaker S3 3D printer located near the adult computers. 3D Printing is free at this time with generous funding from FLiP. The library may limit the number of prints or decline to print a requested job at any time and for any reason. Patrons are responsible for removing support material. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get 3D printing files?

  • You can find free files online and paste the link into the request form. The usual sites we recommend are Thingiverse and Printables.
  • We can't design 3D printing files for you, but you can get started designing your own with free software and lessons at Tinkercad.
  • If you have your own file to submit, you can store it in a cloud service like Google Drive and then share the link in the request form. We use Ultimaker's Cura software for slicing, so any file type that works with Cura is accepted. Typically we print .STL and .OBJ files.

When will my request be ready for pickup?

  • Most prints are completed within one week of submission. We notify by email when a print is ready to be picked up - please remember to check your Spam/Junk folder!
  • If you don't provide an email in your request, please check with the main desk to see if your print has been completed.
  • Prints that are not picked up by two weeks after their completion may be given away to other patrons or recycled.

How many print requests can I submit?

  • We limit the number of requests per person based on how many requests are in process. When the volume of requests is high, requests will be limited to one per person per week.

What are the most common reasons you decline a print request?

  • The requested print is a weapon.
  • The print is too large and cannot be resized. Our printer's build volume is 7.9" (20 cm) tall, 9” (23 cm) wide, and 7.4” (19 cm) deep.
  • The print takes too long. Prints that take 10 or more hours to complete cannot be completed within the library's open hours.

What materials do you print with?

  • While the Ultimaker S3 is capable of printing with a variety of materials, for reasons of cost and safety we only print with PLA. Our support material is Breakaway PLA.

Can I print in a specific color?

  • We do not stock multiple colors of filament. When possible we purchase white filament that can be painted later (acrylics work well).