Sharks, Skates, and Rays

Sharks are one of Earth’s most amazing and dynamic fish. Dive in with our experts from Seacoast Science Center to learn more about shark anatomy, behavior, and their acute senses that make them one of the ocean’s greatest predators. Students will observe the live sharks and skates at our Close Encounters tank. 

Essential Questions:

  • What makes a fish a fish? What features do all fish have in common? 
  • What is an adaptation? Why do different fish have different adaptations and how do they vary between fish species?
  • How can careful observations (anatomy, behaviors, location in the water column) help you learn more about a fish?

Student Understandings:

  • Students will understand that there are a wide variety of fish in the ocean, and that diversity is due to a wide variety of habitats and ways of living.
  • Students will understand what structural and behavioral adaptations are and how they are essential to the survival of fish throughout the ocean
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