Equipment in the library:

The Adult Department provides public access computers with Internet access, online databases, and word processing programs. Printing is 10 cents per page. We have 8 PCs running Windows 7.

There are an additional 7 PCs in the children’s and Teen areas.


A copy machine is available at the following rates:
$0.15 per/black and white photocopy
The machine can make double sided, collated, and stapled copies. Scanning to a flash drive is no charge.

Fax service is available for $1.00 per the first page and 25 cents thereafter. We do not receive incoming faxes for patrons.

Access Services for those with reading needs

Talking Book Program
Provided by the State Library, the Talking Books Program exists to meet the reading needs and interests of New Hampshire residents who are physically unable to see, handle or process printed material comfortably. If you would like help setting up these services, please contact the library. 

We also have other formats of material which may help those with special reading needs. We have a collection of over 1000 Large Print books. We also provide access to NH Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks which may be beneficial for those with special reading needs.


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