Meeting Room


The Pelham Public Library has a wonderful, open space for library programs as well as community events.  This Room is available, without cost, to Pelham community agencies, civic groups, and nonprofit organizations; profit-making individuals or organizations are not eligible to reserve the meeting room.

The Molly Hobbs Room is our children’s program room.  It has a capacity of up to 45 for lecture-style seating and is available only during regular library business hours.

Priority is given to library programs and to activities of the Pelham Library Board of Trustees.  Eligible organizations are welcome to use the library’s community meeting rooms whenever they are not being used by the library or by library organizations.

Please contact the library for full policy information and fill out an application form to reserve our community rooms for future dates.

The Library makes every effort to accommodate students and tutors. There are several quiet areas for tutoring on the first floor of the library. If the Meeting Room is not booked, tutors and students may ask to use the room.