Public Computers

The Library offers free WiFi service. The wireless network is public and unsecured, so please make sure that your computer is protected from computer viruses, spyware, and other malware.

We offer a variety of public computers for your use, including eight desktop computers in the main circulation area, 4 desktop computers in the YA area, and 3 desktop computers in the children’s area. All machines are running Windows 7 and the Microsoft Office 2010 suite of office productivity applications, including Word, Excel, and Publisher.  Internet access is also available on every computer. Please be advised the library receives technical support and machinery as part of the Town of Pelham Technology Plan. Our participation in this program requires us to use filtering software for the internet. If you have trouble accessing any information, please inform a librarian so we can submit requests for corrections to the filter and provide you with the information you need. 

All of our public computers are capable of printing to a black-and-white printer.  We do not have printing capabilities from your personal laptop, but you can save your document to a removable medium (preferably a flash/thumb/USB drive) and take it to one of our public computers to print out.

Printouts are $0.10 per page.

Photo © Doug Rennie