June Events

Teen Book Club: Wednesday 3pm on June 4th:Teens gather to talk about The Fault in Our Stars by John Green–in celebration of the movie release! Come to enjoy great company, engaging literary discussion, refreshments and fun, hands-on activities based on each read.

Daddy and Donuts: Saturday June 14th at 10:30:This is the last Daddy and Donuts until September! The library will be hosting a special story time for kids and their Dads with stories, songs, crafts and donuts! This is a great opportunity for the little ones to share one of their favorite places with Dad, or some other favorite grown-up, who is often not able to come to a week day story hour. Funding for this program is provided by the Friends of the Pelham Library. Are you a member of the Friends of the Library? See the library web page for information about how to become a member today and support great programs like this.

Anime Club: Monday 4pm on June 9: Teens and Tweens are welcome to come and share their favorite anime/manga series, share artwork and discuss current events in the anime world. Anime Club meets the first Monday of the month.

Summer Reading Begins! June 16th-21st “Popsicle Week”: Stop in at the library any time this week to register for the Summer Reading Program “Fizz, Boom, Read!” and get a juicy popsicle. There will be weekly get-togethers featuring science exploration and discovery. 14kidsbanner

Founding Fathers: June 19th at 6pm: Our Founding Fathers faced difficult decisions and the weighty consequences that would occur if the idea of independence were to fail. Richard Hesse, Professor Emeritus at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and historian, speaks on this topic.In 1787 delegates gathered in Philadelphia to address a wide variety of crises facing the young United States of America and produced a charter for a new government. In modern times, competing political and legal claims are frequently based on what those delegates intended. Mythology about the founders and their work at the 1787 Convention has obscured both fact and legitimate analysis of the events leading to the agreement called the Constitution. Professor Hesse explores the cast of characters called “founders,” the problems they faced, and the solutions they fashioned.

Wednesday, June 25th- Summer Concert on the Green
This first concert sponsored by the Community Spirit Group will feature the Cocabanana Band  and our Summer Reading Program registration! So grab your blanket and picnic supper and join us for an evening of fun entertainment for kids of all ages. All who register receive a FREE ice cream sundae.

Rock Salt Ice Cream experiments–Teens and Tweens–June 27th from 3-5pm: Stop by the outdoor patio to shake and make your own ice cream using rocks and other unusual tools. Yummy!

Here at the Pelham Library we are looking forward to wonderful Summer Reading Program! This year’s theme is science related. We will be doing lots of activities that FIZZ and BOOM!
Register your child any time during the summer and encourage them to read throughout the summer and participate in our reading challenge. We will have weekly meeting for three age groups as well as special programs and events listed here. Storytime summer groups begin the week of June 24th! There are no story meetings May 12th-June21st–we use this time to plan and prepare for summer reading.robotreads

Lab Assistants
Ages 3 and 4 — Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00 (beginning June 24th)
Stories, songs, finger plays, and simple crafts inspired by SCIENCE! Activities selected for the interests and attention-span of the preschooler. Child must be at least 3 years old to attend this program.

Lab Ratsrobot-and-girl
Ages 5 and 6 — Wednesdays 10:00 – 11:00 (beginning June 25th)
Stories, songs, crafts and readiness activities to provide enrichment for children–all with a science focus for the summer!

Little Tyke Time
Ages 1-2 years– Thursdays 2:00-4:00pm
A room will be reserved each Thursday for our special little friends to come and visit with each other, play, dance, and read to one another. This is an unstructured play time. Manipulative toys and other educational toys are always available in the children’s area!

Mad Scientists367052
Ages 7 and up — Fridays 11:00 am (beginning June 27th)
This group will do a series of experiments and activities ranging from boat building, liquid and gloop experiments, flight exploration, and more! Stay tuned to the event page for specifics. We will meet at 6pm on July 10th for the Float your Boat building activity. All other times will be 11am


July Events

Lab Assistants-Ages 3-4:  “Weather” July 1 @ 10am
Today’s story time and activities will pique the children’s interest, encourage questions, and add to their knowledge about wind, rain, clouds, and other weather phenomena.

Lab Rats-Ages 5-6: “Fizz, Boom, Pop” July 2nd @ 10am
This week we will do some simple science experiments and explorations. So strap on your safety goggles, button up your lab coat and get ready to have some fun!

Little Tyke Time begins July 3rd–Ages 1’s and 2’s–An open program room will be reserved all summer for our little tykes to meet and play. Stop by anytime between 2-4pm for unstructured play.

Pet Show: All ages–July 8th at 11am–Outdoor Patio
Calling all pet lovers! Bring your pets of all breeds, sizes, and shapes and colors, and parade them down the runway. We’ll have prizes for all and celebrate our furry/scaly/slimy friends in style! Please bring your cuddly friendly pets only!

Lab Rats-ages 5-6: “Science and the Arts” July 9th @ 10am
“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. So the unknown, the mysterious, is where art and science meet”- Albert Einstein

Mad Scientists: July 11th at 11am (Ages 7 and up)–Liquid Launch Day! Experiment with different liquids and see how far you can make them go!

Lab Assistants-Ages 3-4 “Shapes and Numbers” July 15th @ 10am
Children encounter shapes, letters and numbers every day. For very young children, these may start out as nameless squiggles and angles. Discovering that each of these forms holds a different meaning is a big step for someone just setting upon the path to reading. In this story time, we will have an opportunity to take a few practice steps.

Lab Rats- Ages 5-6 “Techno Fun” July 16th @ 10am
The scope of technological discoveries of the 21st century is too broad to cover in one story time! We will touch upon aspects of technology that children are likely to find engaging such as robots and engineering in today’s’ get together. Legos, anyone?

Mad Scientists (Ages 7 and up)–July 17th from 6-8pm: Float your Boat! Build your own boat out of scrap wood and materials. We’ll provide power drills and supplies.

Lab Assistants- Ages 3-4- “Movement/Kinetics” July 22nd @ 10am
We will host a bike parade today as we parade around the Green!

Big Truck Night! July 22nd at 6:00pm: Thanks to the generosity of the Pelham Police and Fire Departments, Woody’s Auto, and other to be announced businesses, we will have a variety of huge awesome trucks, cruisers, fire engines, and more! Stop by to climb aboard and toot the horns!

Lab Rats-Ages 5-6 “It’s Alive!” July 23rd @ 10am
Details about this fun time will be announced later. 

Mad Scientists (Ages 7 and up)–July 25th from 11am: In flight night! We’ll be hosting a paper airplane contest like no other!

Lab Assistants-Ages 3-4: “Sounds and Music” July 29th @ 10am
We will sing, clap and dance our way through this musical, magical story time. Come prepared to “make a joyful sound”!

Lab Rats-Ages 5-6: “Kitchen Science”- We will meet at 12:00 today! July 30th @ 10am
“Build Your Own Lunch Day” is our plan for this fun library program. Then we will make some interesting science discoveries using materials right out of the kitchen cabinets!

August Events

Mad Scientists (Ages 7 and up)–July 1st from 11am: Let’s Build! Legos, straws, cups, and more materials will be available to build towering structures and express your creativity!

Watermelon Day- August 5th at 10:00am: Watermelon is delicious, stop by to celebrate this fruit’s special day. We’ll be playing a variety of watermelon games and eating it of course! All ages.

Water Day-August 6th at 10:00am: Water games for all ages!

Summer Reading Finale–August 8th at 11:00am: Mad Science Entertainers present a fun educational and enriching science experiment program for all ages. This program is sponsored by the Kids, Books, and Arts grant.

Victory Celebration! Children’s Summer Reading Challenge: August 19th at 11am
Children and families who participated in the summer reading challenge “Make a Lunar Landing” are invited to come to the library on Tuesday morning, August 19th to celebrate accomplishing your reading goal challenge for this summer.  Children were invited in June to sign a “contract” pledging to read a certain number of books over the summer.  On this day, we will recognize all of you who met your goal by awarding well-earned  reading medals.  Then we will all enjoy  donuts,  muffins and juice out on the patio!