Library Warrant Article

Vote YES on the Library Warrant Article!

What is the Library Warrant Article ?

Currently, the library holds an existing Library Renovation-ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Expendable Trust Fund. It was established for completing any necessary renovations to the existing library building to ensure compliance with the ADA.

The library trustees are seeking voter approval to change the purpose of these funds for use as building and renovation funds. The present value of the fund is $18,097.20.

Why is the Library Seeking this Warrant Article?

These ADA Expendable Funds were originally set aside to make the existing library building more handicapped accessible. Some funds were used to install the automatic doors now in the library entrance.
However, the remainder of the library building is already ADA compliant, and the purpose for these monies no longer exists. In order to expend the money for other uses, the library trustees are required by law to seek voter approval to change the purpose of the fund. Without changing the purpose, the money cannot be used and remains in a trust fund account.

What Specifically Will the Library Do with the Funds?

The Board of Library Trustees plans to use this to address several pressing building needs in the library. These include additional quiet work space, more public meeting space, and additional useable floor space. These planned changes are in direct response to requests from our library patrons to make such improvements in the library building. Plans for the renovations will be available in the library for review.

Specifically, the Library will be filling in the ceiling above the first floor reading room. Although the high ceiling may be visually appealing, the low railing around the large opening poses potential safety issues. We are fortunate that there have been no accidents since the building opened in 2003. The opening also allows noise from the second floor to intrude on the quiet reading room below.

Completing the in-fill of the opening requires installation of expensive, reinforced flooring sufficient to bear the weight of heavy library stacks.

Additionally, the Library will be adding doors to close off the Molly Hobbs room, thus further reducing noise from programs being held in that space and providing a dedicated area for programs.

The library already has most of the funds required for this project. Passage of this Warrant Article will allow the trustees to complete this renovation project and better meet the needs of the town.

How will Passage of this Warrant Article Affect My Taxes ?

Passage of this warrant article will have NO TAX IMPACT to the taxpayers of Pelham. These funds already exist and are held in an account by the Trustees of the Trusts for use by the library. Passage of this warrant article will re-categorize the purpose of the funds and allow the Library Trustees to complete the renovations.

No additional money is required from taxpayers to complete the renovation project.

What Happens if the Warrant Article Does Not Pass?

All ADA-Expendable Trust Fund monies will remain with their present classification for use, and can only be used by the Library Trustees for handicapped access to the library building. As the new library building is already completely handicapped accessible and ADA compliant, these monies would continue to go unused in a trust account. The library trustees will be unable to use these funds for improvements to the library.

What is Needed to Pass this Warrant Article?

The warrant article requires a 2/3 majority vote of the voters present at Town Meeting per RSA 35:16 (2/3 Majority Vote Required). This means that we need 60% +1 of the voters present to approve this warrant.

In short, passage of this warrant article will allow for great improvements to the Pelham Public Library using funds that already exist!

Vote YES on the Library Warrant Article!

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